Pray? Me? Pass.

I never got in a regular habit of praying as a believer and here’s why. I’m an introvert. We hate small-talk…with anyone…including ‘God,’ whomever that is. I don’t like talking when I really have nothing to say and unlike many people I crave silence when there’s not an active conversation going on with another person. […]

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That pesky Mercury 

From Michael Butler Smith We interrupt our regular #TarotTuesday feature with important Celestial News! # Mercury goes #Retrograde today August 30th 2016 at 9:04 AM EDT – through September 22, 2016 – in the sign of Virgo. The post-retro shadow period will last through October 6th. Now before we proceed, I’ve decided to institute a new […]

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Angelic playtime

When I was 3 or 4 I had this toy airplane. It was a Fisher Price type model of one of the small 2 person aircraft like those made by Piper and Cessna. It rolled around and the propeller would turn. So one day I had left it on the coffee table and I came […]

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Today’s card: King of Cups 

Calm, not order, out of chaos. The king sits on his stone high-back throne atop a stone mount. He’s wearing a blue tunic and a red and yellow cape. He holds a cup in his right hand and a scepter in his left. He sits calmly amid turbulent seas, under a Grey sky. To his […]

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Today’s card: VIII of Cups

Having is often much less pleasing than wanting. A man leaves behind his possessions. He walks away from everything with the clothes on his back and a staff. There’s an eclipse happening. The future is uncertain, but the situation is such that the unknown is now preferable to the pain he had been feeling.

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Today’s card: VI of Swords

A young man rows a boat across a body of water towards land. It is difficult to tell whether it is an island or mainland coast. Seated are a woman with her head covered and a child. They could be his family or he could be a paid ferryman. Around the woman and child are […]

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Today’s card: Page of Swords

A young man stands holding a sword in what appears to be a striking/defensive pose. His face is red from the effort or he could be sunburnt. His hair and the trees behind him to his right indicate that the wind is pretty high. The sky is blue and there are large clouds in the distance. […]

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