The presidential selection myth


“Anyone can be President.”


I find there are still a lot of people who believe this myth. Okay. Fine. Let’s make that our assumed premise. Explain why the majority of candidates elected in the last 35-40yrs were educated at ivy league universities.

After you tackle that, explain why, still assuming the statement above, we may have Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush next November

We'll take 'em anywhere we can get 'em

It seems surreal, the way the dean responds to questions and doesn’t get that the journalist is talking about setting up a student organization to invite an ISIS member to speak and even set up a training camp on campus. The journalist didn’t refer to them as ISIS. He kept talking about the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.” The dean, if confronted, might argue that if the Veritas journalist had just said “ISIS” he’d have answered differently. The video felt like one of those shock/scare/embarrassment comedy bits, like Punk’d or Scare Tactics. I felt like I was waiting for a punchline during the whole discussion.