The LAIX B-007-H Tactical Pen – A Review

I got my second tactical pen in the mail the other day, and that led to a few minutes of internet goose-chasing.  On Amazon it is sold by a company called VKTech and lists for $8.49 with free shipping. The package ships directly from China and the actual brand is Laix model B007-H. The branding on Amazon is rather confusing: “Vktech Tactical Pen Self Defense Cooyoo Tool Tungsten Steel Anti-skid Portable (Black).” The pen consists of an aircraft grade aluminum cap and barrel with a tungsten steel glass-breaker tip. It could be used for self-defense but the tungsten tip is rather sharp and might break easily break the skin. From further searches, the term “Cooyoo” is a Chinese trademark of a very similar tactical pen model with a kubotan tip available on

Laix B007-H_1

The pen comes in a dark grey box with the brand Laix in silver print and has a hard foam cutout inside, and it comes with one Parker-style ballpoint refill. It weighs 1.3 ounces, which is a bit lighter than the 1.75 oz. Uzi Defender, and consists of three screw on pieces. Laix B007-H_2The cap unscrews from a two-piece barrel with anti-slip knurling around the pen tip. The rear tip of the barrel is a punch-like point made of tungsten-steel. This is its emergency glass breaker/tactical defense. The cap can be pushed on the bottom of the pen, and holds but is not very secure. It would be nice if there were a threaded portion on the barrel securing the cap.


Laix B007-H_4I chose this one because it has a tactical look, but softer features than its more heavy duty counterparts. It is available on Amazon, and at Aliexpress in 3 colors, black, desert and grey. There are other colors available from the Sector38 eBay store in the UK.

Laix B007-H_3

Laix B007-H_7I have not done extensive testing. I expect anodized coatings to wear over time. My main concern is a pen’s ability to function after being dropped.  I wrapped the pen in a thin paper towel and dropped it from about 7 feet to a ceramic tile floor and the tungsten-steel tip did not loosen. There is no click action or other moving parts to fail.