Delusional wishing


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Getting the “right people” elected is little more than Santa and the Easter Bunny for adults.

How serious are you about that resolution?

Most people who make resolutions do nothing of the kind. What they have are one or more wishes that they make around the end of the year. Then some of them make half-hearted efforts for a little while, and after that everything gets set aside. The period of time varies but probably by April, the resolutions are abandoned.

I don’t make resolutions and I never have. I’m generally known for running contrary to expectations. The things everyone is supposed to do for no reason other than they’re “what everyone does” teimagend to not get done in my life. Because I don’t care to participate in these superstitious acts I get called a party pooper, Scrooge, raining on parades, and so forth. I fail to see why my choosing to participate has to affect anyone but it does a few.

A few years ago I posted a list of ten goals for that year. I think I made it through two, maybe two and a half before I let some rigmarole get in my way. I didn’t manage it. I didn’t work out steps to achieve each one. They dissolved into wishes and I did nothing to make them a reality. What I want to do this year is return to the idea of goals but manage them and see them through. I will post updates for each one.

Monthly goals. (12)

  • Develop a list to pick from.
  • Determine the steps to complete each one.
  • Recap at the end of the month.

Quarterly goals. (4)

  • Choose from list.
  • Determine the steps to complete each one.
  • Recap at the end of the quarter.

Half-year goal.

  • Employment – I am working a 6-month temp gig. I want to eliminate searching and down-time by having a job to start in mid-June.

Goal for the year.

  • Lose 50 pounds.

Planning works better for me than waiting for some NY Resolution Faery to work magic on my behalf.  Last year someone on Twitter posted, “My To-Do list is just a bunch of s I’m not doing.” Well most resolutions are wishes that never become more than that. Chopping the resolution up into doable bits is the way to make it happen.