Some stars could support as many as seven habitable planets

In recent decades, over 4,000 extrasolar planets have been confirmed beyond our Solar System. With so many planets available for study, astronomers have learned a great deal about the types of planets that exist out there and what kind of conditions are prevalent.

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Mind-Bending View of a Solar Eclipse from the Stratosphere

by Nancy Atkinson – March 24, 2015


L'éclipse totale de Soleil du vendredi 20 mars 2015 depuis la stratosphère, à 14 000 m d'altitude.
The solar eclipse on Friday, March 20, 2015, photographed at 14,000 meters. Credit and copyright: Guillaume Cannat.

What does a solar eclipse look like from a fast-flying Falcon 7X jet at 14,000 meters (48,000 feet)? French journalist Guillaume Cannat described the Sun as looking black and “ruffled.” See the rest at Universe Today.