Has the Kepler Space Telescope Discovered an Alien Megastructure?



By Ian O’Neill, Discovery News 10/15/2015

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope is tasked with finding small, rocky worlds orbiting distant stars. However, exoplanets aren’t the only thing Kepler can detect — stellar flares, star spots and dusty planetary rings can also pop up in the mission’s observations. See the rest at space.com

Take the money and run

I’ve sold a lot of books in the past few weeks as I’ve continued cleaning. Some I have donated to Goodwill but most I’ve sold. No one gets much selling used anything and that’s certainly true for books. There were times in the past when I’d refuse the offer, saying the stuff was worth more to me. Now I accept whatever they offer. Space is worth more.

I think I finally moved out

Another LoadI started getting some things organized in my mom’s garage. Most of the boxes I went through contained stuff that belonged to me. I put that stuff out there in 1997 because I felt I needed to clean up here first.

Then I forgot about it.

When I told her I was pulling out all this stuff that was mine. She reminded me that I was supposed to come get it and never did. I ended up taking most to Goodwill and sold two more boxes of books to Half Price Books.