This is a screen shot of the Ring of Fire solar eclipse that happened today seen over Coyhaique, Chile.

Towards a Hardened People

What if our sun became a pulsar overnight?

Well not a pulsar in the strict sense. But what if there were an area dead center of the plane of Earth’s orbit that fired off enough material to cause a geomagnetic storm similar to the Carrington Event every “day” on the sun or once per its rotation. So every 25 to 36 days we got a blast of solar matter which means a constant EMP condition somewhere on the planet. Anyone who’s studied this, after telling me that what I’m proposing could never happen would say that our energy grids can’t handle even one without going out for weeks, let alone having it happen once every five weeks.

Have you ever asked yourself what you’d do if electricity were no longer available? That’s not something most people care to think about. Most of the talk concerns hardening the infrastructure, hardening buildings and even building Faraday cages out of metal trashcans and ammunition cans…Shielding everything from the pulse.

That may not be possible given the current economic and political philosophies in Washington.

This blog and others on preparedness talk about advanced training and learning to build a fire with a hand drill and using a knife to cut the stick and board to do the drilling. What we’re all talking about is hardening the people. A pulse can take many forms. It’s anything that encourages complacency…the belief that we have time or that we’re safe because nothing really bad has ever happened to us. That’s the EMP on our minds. It gets us to shut down, to think that we have no choices. The beginning of reversing that process is acquiring knowledge.

To harden as a people we have to live like our ancestors. They didn’t have power so they survived without power. So they’d be much better able to deal with something that would devastate most of us.

We all need to acquire the skills for the time when we’ll need them. And if that time never comes we’ll have fun lighting the barbeque with a hand drill.

EMP – We're not ready

Monday I spent the shift listening to a podcast on Electro-magnetic Pulse called EMPact Radio. I found myself pausing every few minutes realizing just how bad our state of readiness is. We shouldn’t even speak of readiness regarding this. Not now. We’ve built our civilization around the availability of power. Like the food supply it’s ubiquitous to most of us. If we can put together a dollar, there’s always something to eat. It may not be good for us. But it’s there. Just look at how people behave before just the threat of an interruption in the food supply. We’re not ready for that either. For most of us our hunter-gatherer days are too far back in the ancestral line to be of any use to us. We never ask ourselves what we would do if we had to go back to that. Mechanization has given us a great many things. Unfortunately we’ve also thrown away a lot. Our toys didn’t take away the knowledge of a century ago. Gradually we bought into the lie that it was no longer needed.Technology is not a substitute for the skills of living. It serves us. But we have to leave it in that confine. As a culture, we’ve failed in that endeavor. A growing number of us have seen the failure and are returning to those skills. We suffer ridicule at the hands of those who lack the courage to utter seven words…what if we had to go back? The things contained in the soap bubble of our modern world are too tempting. We can’t imagine our lives without them and our ancestors, just going back 75 years, couldn’t imagine their lives with them. I hope it doesn’t happen. I hope I don’t live to see it. But at some point I could wake up in darkness with my battery-powered things not functioning. It doesn’t have to be al-Qaida. It could be the sun. Since I was born too late, how I respond to that will be governed by my character and whatever training I’ve completed. I could start ordering parts to build things to protect my electronics from a pulse. I’ll do that eventually. But having gizmos that work when most other people’s aren’t isn’t important to me. What I want first is to know how to feed and shelter myself. I need to be able to build fires, obtain water and defend myself and my family. I can always buy more crap after the radiation settles back down.