The election 

Well as anyone who knows me has probably been able to tell, I have not supported and do not support the president-elect. Therefore my expectations aren’t very high for our culture during the next four to eight years. We will probably be in another ‘intervention’ sometime in the next two years. The folks on the right are going to continue to fight against marriage equality and the Affordable Care Act. They’ll continue to staunchly support closed borders and the exclusion of certain groups. They’ll be cheering on as we send our young men and women to kill other young men and women in other countries. This is not anything new. And it predates the president-elect’s time in politics. So we’ll have to see after January 20th what parts of the president-elect’s campaign speeches he is actually able to implement and what things can be restrained.

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to keep working and looking after my parents and living my life. I’m going to keep following my path. If anyone has a problem with that, well we’ve seen from the president-elect’s rallies that they are certainly not shy about showing it. And if any of that somehow becomes illegal, I’ll deal with that at that time.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for divine intervention

In thinking a911planebout some of the stupid stuff people say under the banner of religion…sometime during 2012 a guy on Twitter said that he hoped God would intervene. He’s a red stater Christian, and had Psalm 109:8, that says “…his office let another take” in his profile for a while. Now I don’t know what form he wanted the intervention to take. It could have been anything from turning certain key blue states red to tip the 2012 election squarely in the hands of the GOP, to exposing some scandal at the executive level, to the Rapture. Here’s the thing. God didn’t stop those towers from coming down. So why should we expect him to interfere in elections, or other affairs of state?

The Oral Fumblings of Herman Cain

Herman Cain needs to have his mouth fitted for a Brannock Device. First we had the allegations of sexual harassment cases and settlements of sexual harassment cases. Then came the denial and the not knowing of any settlements. Now we have him being interviewed with Greta van Sustern and saying there was a settlement. This is an inescapable stink that is going to follow this guy until he drops out of the race. I really don’t think he can pull off a Justice Thomas/Anita Hill situation. We generally don’t hear a lot from Supreme Court justices. They’re not in the news every single day. Presidents are. If he wants the job he’d better clear this up because the longer he’s in the race the more people are going to be asking about it.

So it begins

Fighter jets from the French Air Force are enforcing a no-fly zone over parts of Libya. Two things I find disingenuous: 1) in 1985 when US fighters were requesting a flyover of French airspace to bomb Libya the French government, then under François Mitterrand refused them. 2) France opposed the war in Iraq which began in 2003. When Republicans are running things, they oppose it. Now that we’re doing one of these “nation builder” wars that the Democrats love to get behind, France is right in the middle of it all.