As a kid I remember sewing machines running several days a week. We lived in my grandparents’ house until I turned six. Both my mother and grandmother had machines and one or both of them were doing something on them every day or so. They made quite a few of their own clothes, and everything I know about using a needle and thread, and general garment construction comes from observing them over the years.

My sewing ‘skills’ include replacing buttons, repairing hems, sewing on embroidered patches, and restitching pieces that have come apart. One of my hobbies is doing some modifications to bags and backpacks. I’ve also created a couple of pouches from patterns, and will probably do some of that in the future.

Dryer vent

The dryer hasn’t been working properly for several years, and I’ve been putting up with it instead of getting the vent cleared out. I didn’t know until recently that most chimney sweep companies handle this service.

It’s a serious fire hazard. Most people don’t bother unless there’s a problem. This needs to be done annually and while the tech was here two of my neighbors, who’ve been here longer than I have, came by, got his card, and said they had never had their vents cleared out.

Unfortunately, there’s no ctrl-z in life 

I did something stupid Saturday and cracked one of my ‘vintage’ candlesticks that I bought back in ’97 or ’98. I managed to find one of the same style that is taller at Goodwill. It’s a spider-crack, and I don’t expect it to spread. I have a ‘fix’ in mind that will protect the base using polyurethane. In looking up these candlesticks on Etsy, I’m seeing several of the same style in various colours and sizes, and, mixed in with actual candlesticks, quite a few empty liquor bottles. There’s a candle holder you can buy to convert bottles into candle holders.