And when they erect his statue…

…I will simply smile and remember that there are birds.

The Illusion of Safety II

Back during the ’08 campaign, there was a banner ad I saw that says “Would You Feel Safe With McCain as President.” Then it has a yes and a no button and something about enter to win $50 grand. While this may be linked to some opinion poll it is most likely a way to get your personal info into a database and then sell it around the net. But. They asked the question so let’s answer it here.

No. And neither should you.

The American people have got to stop masturbating. Listening to politicians and feeling safe is no different than feeling love while watching porn. Either way you’re still responsible for your own security and companionship. Katie Morgan and Jenna Jameson aren’t your girlfriends and John McCain and Barack Obama aren’t your bodyguards.

Someone on the radio said recently that it was sad that people don’t feel safe anymore because of all the changes that have happened since 2001. I disagree. People who feel safe eventually become complacent, opening themselves up to danger. But let’s leave personal 1 on 1 threats (our biggest danger) aside and focus on terrorism from outside the country. Am I confident that John McCain, Barack Obama or any other president will send in the troops the instant it becomes necessary, to defend the country against the terrorists? No. Am I confident that the alphabet agencies will identify and neutralize terrorists so they are unable to attack again? No. You lost whatever trust I had in you. I’m not going to forgive the incompetence and I am not going to trust you to protect the country now. My response to protestations of assurance is “whatever.”

As far as personal security is concerned, as I’ve written before, I’m going to watch my own back and not give the responsibility for my protection to anyone.