Venus/Saturn Conjunction – January 2016 Night Sky


Venus_Saturn_7375_20160109 640

A conjunction between Venus and Saturn in the SE sky shot from my front yard. The star Antares is below and slightly to the right. I did some toning in Photoshop to brighten the stars, but they’re still hard to see at this size.

Larger version.

Cluttered phone

Phone and Drive IGLast night I had apps I couldn’t update because there was no room left on the phone. What? I deleted a bunch of pictures and cleared enough space to finish the updates. This morning I moved all the downloaded files and pictures to the computer. I’ll need a few of them for a project soon but most of them are just stored files. It has taken about a year to run out of room on the 32GB card. I’ll start moving files every 3 months to avoid this.

Digital clutter can be just as energy-sapping as physical clutter. I’ve had the inbox with 2000 work messages “in case I need to refer to them.” I remember getting depressed trying to look at each one and delete it. I tried the filing system and sometimes I’d make an archive folder and move everything into it. The problem is I never needed to refer to them. Most of the time we’d get an email from the manager that sounded like a followup message was in the works. But we’d never hear about the topic again. Then you wonder whether you ever needed to hear about it at all. I don’t have that problem with the phone…just pics, pdfs and other files. My inboxes at home are another story. I’ll talk about those in a different post.


Old photos – OUT

Old PhotosSome would be shocked at the things I trash, sell or take to Goodwill. A few days ago I came across some photos I shot over 15 years ago. I tossed them in the recycle bin. I thought for a split second about buying albums and keeping them. Then I realized I’d have to dust the albums at some point.

Shock usually comes with a noise. What you hear is “…Oh no,” followed by some sloppy, oft-repeated rationale for keeping this or that. This usually comes from someone who isn’t responsible for cleaning or maintaining whatever it is. I’m not going to ask someone to come clean something I don’t want to have to clean. If I’m not using it, out it goes.

In looking through them, as I was scattering them on the floor for this photo, I remembered shooting them. Most of them are bracketed shots of the same thing as I was trying to get a better exposure. I still do that, but I don’t pay anyone for prints anymore. I threw out all the photos, except one, the negatives and little plastic sleeve holders. I kept the one in the center because it’s one of my favorites and I still have the negatives from it. As far as the rest, if I make my way back to Southern California, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Shenandoah, Big Bend or any other National Park, I’ll try shooting something similar.

Photographers make a lot of photos over the years and fill up a lot of albums or other storage containers. If I’m not going to keep around a huge library of books, I’m certainly not going to do it for picture albums.