Last week the garbage collection driver forgot to swing back around and do the pickup on my side of the street. So everyone’s bins were still at the curb when I got home at around 8pm. 3-1-1 exists for these sorts of non-emergency situations. We use that number to report dead animals, fallen limbs, and so forth. That night the system was trying to route calls to emergency services from AT&T’s mobile 9-1-1 customers as that portion of their network was down for several hours. The network has been repaired but during that time customers were unable to reach 9-1-1- operators from their mobile phones. The outage covered at least 14 states, so it’ll probably be difficult to determine how many people were attempting to call during that time.

Back in 2010 the ATM network went down, city-wide, for a couple of hours. Upon hearing that many people realized they didn’t have, and needed cash. Supposedly the Point of Sale terminals at grocery check-out lines were working. But eventually the grocer is going to get tired of $20 bills leaving the store with packs of gum being the only thing purchased. Yes they have a duty to the public but they’re in business to sell groceries, not so much as money changers.

We rely on these systems heavily and we get anxious when we’re not able to get cash, or when the card reader is acting wonky at the gas pump. This is going to happen from time to time. You can only store so much cash, so many batteries and candles. Sometimes the crises have to pass. We have to endure the outages. Failures happen and we do what we can to survive them.

But it still hurt… 

wp-1488326622074.jpgSo I decided to get back involved in one of the two things that I refer to as ‘meat grinders,’ namely the dating world. The other meat grinder for me is job hunting, but that is another conversation. I generally prefer to not be in the meat grinder. So when I have a relationship I try to hang onto it, sometimes beyond the point where it ceases to be healthy to do so.

A few weeks ago a friend recommended a dating app. I logged in and set up a profile and sent out a few likes. I met a woman from one of the ‘connections.’ We talked for about an hour and at the end she told me something I’m used to hearing but which, I have to admit, always is hard to hear. She said I seemed like a nice guy but that she didn’t think it’d work out, and that we’d probably work better as friends. So I said then we should try at being friends. She said, “okay,” and left. I doubt we’ll see each other again. The ‘friends’ part of the discussion was mostly a formality.The ‘rejection’ such as it was, still hurt. It was just a first meeting. It’s a small pain, but it’s there and instead of trying to ignore it in various ways, I’m acknowledging it. So I’ll keep looking to meet new women.

Fat Batt


My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. I bought it as a refurb and it came with two batteries. I shipped one with the old S4 phone when I sold it and kept the original battery from that phone. The battery on the right is that battery. Back in the summer the phone started losing its fatbattcharge more quickly. So I decided to change the battery. I’m starting to think the problem back then was some app that was updating too often. Everything seemed to be okay until about a month ago. I noticed the phone still plugged in and charging but only showing 97 or 98 percent. Then yesterday the display showed 50% when I walked into a restaurant and after watching a 3 minute YouTube video the phone shut down. I plugged it in when I got to my car and it seemed to recharge faster than normal. Then later, off the charger, the phone dropped rapidly to 60% and shut down. When I got home last night I took the battery out of the phone. I noticed it was swollen. I had heard of this problem with a friend’s iPhone 5S. Customers cannot change the battery in that phone, just as we can’t in the newer Samsung and many other brands. I had the old battery here, so I put it in the phone and charged it. I will probably keep this phone a while longer, so I’ll order another battery in a couple of months and see how it performs.

EDC – December 2014

This is the pile…

  1. Wallet: Swiss Gear Aluminum (I got my first credit card with a chip. Not sure the probability of being ass-scanned but it can happen)
  2. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 in an Otterbox Defender case
  3. Knife: Kershaw Shuffle
  4. Flashlight: Generic-ish 150 Lumen 3-mode. Ultra Fire clone.
  5. Watch: Timex Ironman (I’ve had this for at least 5 years. Changed the battery once. I’ve worn Timex almost exclusively. Decided to change the band rather than buying a new watch.)
  6. Pen: Pentel Client Ballpoint
  7. Pencil: Pentel Forte .05
  8. Stylus: Bamboo
  9. Altoids Tin: Work in progress. I have a separate video and will be posting breakdown photos shortly.
  10. Keys: Grimloc Carabiner with a split ring.
  11. Comb
  12. Cash