Today’s card: Knight of Pentacles


A knight in full armor sits atop a plough/work horse. He is holding a single gold pentacle coin. On the ground behind him we see the rows of a plugged field. There’s a yellow sky,suggesting dawn or morning.

This could be considered a companion to Temperance, which suggests balance and moderation. Here we see that the major work has been done.  The knight is a soldier. He’s used to giving and taking orders. He is also accustomed to diligence, routine, and being methodical.

We need to continue and see the work to completion.



cant eat bibles 640Africa…Repeatedly bought, sold, carved up, divided, conquered, converted, looted, corrupted, occupied, experimented on, mined, enslaved, owned, co-opted, defiled, plundered, invaded, manipulated, robbed, poisoned, indebted, and ruled over for millennia.

When she’s given up her last crumbs of her uranium, gold, diamond, or tantalum for our precious electronics, when she’s finally worn out her usefulness you’ll find that her people cannot eat what’s left behind…not guns or bombs, not Bibles or Qurans, or condoms.

A long, long time ago, before the outsiders, we prospered, and some day, after the world has fallen from its insatiable incest of debt slavery and fiat money, when its decadence, debauchery, aggression, and acquisitiveness bring it to the ground once and for all, we will prosper again.

Inflation is a jack

In 1981 the average price of gold was $459.25/oz.
That year the Federal Minimum Wage was $3.35/hr.
You would have had to work about 137 hours (about three and a half weeks) to save up the cash to buy one ounce of gold from the coin dealer.

Today 3/22/11, the price of gold was $1426/oz.
Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25/hr.
You’d have to work 197 hours (nearly five weeks) to save up the cash to buy one ounce of gold from the coin dealer.

Over the last 30 years the system has stolen a third of your buying power and made you work 43% longer for it.