Cluttered phone

Phone and Drive IGLast night I had apps I couldn’t update because there was no room left on the phone. What? I deleted a bunch of pictures and cleared enough space to finish the updates. This morning I moved all the downloaded files and pictures to the computer. I’ll need a few of them for a project soon but most of them are just stored files. It has taken about a year to run out of room on the 32GB card. I’ll start moving files every 3 months to avoid this.

Digital clutter can be just as energy-sapping as physical clutter. I’ve had the inbox with 2000 work messages “in case I need to refer to them.” I remember getting depressed trying to look at each one and delete it. I tried the filing system and sometimes I’d make an archive folder and move everything into it. The problem is I never needed to refer to them. Most of the time we’d get an email from the manager that sounded like a followup message was in the works. But we’d never hear about the topic again. Then you wonder whether you ever needed to hear about it at all. I don’t have that problem with the phone…just pics, pdfs and other files. My inboxes at home are another story. I’ll talk about those in a different post.