Nicole Arbour's attempt at fat shaming



This was one of the internet’s shiny objects a little while ago and I didn’t hear about it until massive loads of construct outrage and yelling had been dumped on Ms. Arbour. I don’t know how many people blocked her, reported the video for spam, or as “offensive” to the PC guardians of social media. Doesn’t matter.

I watched about 20sec. of it when it was on the retweet and share radar. I didn’t watch the whole thing because I wasn’t impressed. I’ve been dealing with weight and weight-related issues for longer than Nicole has been alive. I put up with it as a child, and children are evil little shits to each other a lot of the time. I put up with it from arrogant, idiot coworkers who thought they were clever. I’ve put up with Bible shamers quoting verses and telling me about the Seven Deadly Sins. I’ve even put up with it from waiters overseas. I’ve heard it all, and from all. So an entertainer being blunt on the Yube isn’t going to make me throw away my fries.

With all that said, I agree with the substance. She’s right.

Nicole’s bedside manner sucks. But she’s right. America’s too large. It means lots of money for Big Pharma, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, specialty clothing stores, and your undertaker. I’m one of those people who’s too big, so that’s how I dare say what I say here.

Nobody starts out fat, or obese. It’s a process…a process in how we got that way…a process in how we undo the damage. Our bodies and situations are all different. “Stop eating” isn’t useful as a method of ending obesity and returning to health. There’s a way to go about it and again, we’re not the same. So I want to encourage everyone to calm TF down and listen to what she has to say, and stop turning people in with little to no thought. Your solution is unique to you and you have to become motivated to work towards it.


I’d like to think that the public understands that food from living things contains DNA. I’d also like to think that the public understands that food from GMO crops also contains DNA and that the genes aren’t all from that species. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. When I say not all from the same species I mean that what we’re dealing with is a xenomorphic combination. That is a combination of DNA from two distinct species at the dna_molecule_on_platekingdom or phylum level. It’s where genetic material from a fish are added to corn. There is a reason it’s called “Frankencorn.”

The headlines about people supposedly not wanting DNA in their food refer to a story that emerged a few months ago about a survey conducted by Oklahoma State University. Two of the questions have to do with food labeling. The first asked if the people polled were in favor of or opposed to mandatory labels on foods containing DNA. The second asked if the people polled were in favor of or opposed to mandatory labels on foods produced with genetic engineering. The first question is badly written, confusing, clickbaity, and it is the source of the headlines. It’s a deceptive technique.

People deserve to have the food they purchase labeled and that labeling should include whether or not it has been genetically modified, and what foreign DNA sources were used in the modification.


rambutan store displayI was wandering around Central Market on Saturday and in the area where they keep turmeric and galang I saw these spiky balls with the name Rambutan on the label. I grabbed two since I didn’t know if I’d like it.  I looked up how to open it and eat it. It’s a soft-ish outer rind with a translucent white fruit inside with a seed that is about the size of and shaped like an almond.

You cut through the rind with a paring knife around it and squeeze to get the fruit to pop out. The meat is very tight against the pit so separating it would be quite a chore. I just nibbled around it until I cleaned the pit. It has an extremely mild flavor kind of like a prickly pear. The flavor could be lost in combination with anything remotely stronger. Rambutan OpenedIt might go well with coconut or something equally subdued in taste.

These came from Guatemala but the tree has its origins in SE Asia. There is more information at