Priorities, people!


The people who ask where we’re going to get the money to pay for anything to benefit the people or the country’s infrastructure never ask that when there is talk of war or empire.

It's about motivations

The green actions I take are not to spare the environment. I don’t care one bit about my “carbon footprint.” I really think that’s the crux doctrine of a religion of environmentalism, something I do not subscribe to. So I use plant-based soaps as much as possible, not to spare the runoff into the wastewater, but to spare my skin. Detergents which aren’t based on petroleum products, while they’re better for our water also aren’t leaching from the fabric onto our skin. Same goes for hand soap and dish soap.

I look for ways to save electricity for the same reasons. My goal is to bankrupt the power company by not owing them anything. So I try to unplug chargers when they’re not being used. I use a rechargeable battery to charge my phone and iPod. By doing that I can charge the battery for 3-4 hours and then use it to charge the gadgets for weeks. I’m looking for other ways to power some small appliances off batteries.

The car is another situation. I am going to have to plod along as a gasoline guzzler for a while longer. My vehicle is 4 years old but it uses gas. I try to cut down on trips and group trips to save on fuel usage but my motivation is cost savings, not emissions.

So in what some might call my own twisted way, you can call me a selfish or self interested environmentalist.