Teacher ‘performance’


I’m don’t know which clown or clowns, and they’re all clowns…elected officials enjoy an expectation of unearned respect due simply to being in office…and it’s something I refuse to grant them. But I digress. I don’t know which representative or senator thought this up. The thinking seems to be that under such a system some teachers would be paid less than others based on results. So the intent of the meme simply says, “Okay, Mr./Ms. Congressperson, we’ll pay you on results instead of an annual salary for your position.” 
Instead of that, how about we cut their pay based on how many votes they cast that benefit the corporations lobbying them instead of the people? Because really, on every vote, it’s us against the numerous, and very well-resourced, lobbyists that companies and special interests assign to each member of the House and Senate.

2008: Never Forget

Dollar CoinThe corporate controlled mass media is lying to you.

For about the last six years we’ve been in a recession. It began roughly in 2007, took a major dip in ’08 with the bailouts and continues today. Some sources will try to tell you that the recession ended sometime in 2009.There have been some up-ticks but there are simply not enough new jobs being created to truly offset the losses.