And when they erect his statue…

…I will simply smile and remember that there are birds.

Why I reject American Christian Theocracy Theory, AKA Dominionism

There has been quite a bit of talk in the past few years from GOP fundamentalist icons like Sarah Palin about making law according to the God of the Bible, or converting as many as possible because Christ’s return is imminent, as former congresswoman Michelle Bachman said. It’s quite clear that not winning the prayer in schools ruling has stuck in the craw of many on the Christian right since Reagan’s time. As the marriage equality debate heated up, some ministers called for executing gays by stoning. Of course this is a gross seven-mountains-NO 300cherry-picking of the law because these people would not want to be stoned for driving or barbecuing on a Sunday.

Dominionists are people who want to see some form of Christian rule or Christian theocracy in the United States. They talk of things like a ‘separation myth,’ having a biblical society, and getting a ‘Preacher in the White House’ as was said of the failed Mike Huckabee candidacy. The politicians currently in office who hold to some version of this philosophy are just as hawkish and ‘bootstrap-ish’ as their more secular counterparts.

I don’t have time to try to paint a more complete dystopian picture of how the world would look with our society brought under ‘New Testament Rule,’ except to say that under such a system there might be more conversions and baptisms but overall there would be little change economically and there would be a lot more moral intrusiveness in the country. If you think the tattle culture is bad now, just let these people get what they want. I am rejecting it because I just don’t want it. I don’t want religious dominance of any kind, whether it’s is Islamic Sharia and the Muslim bogeyman that is being constantly pushed at us through the media, or Christian ‘Sharia’ taking the form of dominionism. Although they know that the people continue to suffer on numerous levels because of the twisted and unholy alliances between the United States government, the corporate lobby and mass media, the Federal Reserve and associated transnational money trust organizations, and other international partnerships, not one of these politicians who takes office makes any effort to end any of them.