Why are we even considering this guy as a candidate?


trumphitlerFrom my friend Katie

These men are both fascists. It’s as simple as that. We should be TERRIFIED of him being elected, not cheering him on! God help anyone who still believes ANYONE will be elected and magically “fix” all of our issues. I will say that Hillary is probably WORSE bc she’s an indoctrinated type of evil having been in politics as long as she has, and I don’t endorse ANYONE currently. If this helps, pls unfriend me if your hopes are in either of these individuals. I’ve grown tired of the obvious ignorance in the mass sheeple who follow either of these people. I love my country, I’m a Christian and I support the 2nd amendment. I fear our rights of due process, freedom of speech, religion, to bear arms and so much more are SERIOUSLY in jeopardy! In some instances, the ground work has been laid for these very things to be eliminated. I know this won’t please some, but I’m not running a popularity contest. I hope this thins the herd and lets others know where I stand. Trust me, you’re not hurting my feelings…you’re saving us both time. For those that DIDN’T arrive late to the party?…Damn good to know ya!!!


Unsolicited bad grammar


This is old news now, and Candidate Rubio’s grammar isn’t the issue. It’s actually a comedic distraction. Everyone who cares about grammar and usage, myself included, tried to correct and make fun of him instead of looking at the substance of what he said.

I’m not sure whether guidance counselors should hand graduating seniors a crystal ball or a magic 8-ball for picking out what they want to do after high school. Whether the boy or girl goes to Rubio Grammar 640community college, a university, vocational training, and/or bounces from job to job until he or she finds something that is a ‘good fit’…whatever they do, you cannot predict future job prospects.

The needs of any industry can change in a few months. Technological advances are being adopted faster and faster. Your vocational curricula could change directions before you complete your certifications. You have no control over that. However you can control how you respond to it.

I worked at a newspaper for nearly 20 years. During that time we went from cutting type out of sheets of velox paper, a job that did not require computer skills, to everyone having to learn to use a mouse. This was a major shift in technology and process, and valued skillsets became obsolete.

Why then are politicians pontificating as to what career choices people should make? Mr. Rubio’s ability to guess about the future of careers and industry is just as good or bad as everyone else’s. In other words, he doesn’t have a clue either.

I wouldn’t presume to tell you what career to pursue. That is for you to decide. What we need are conscious, thinking people who value life more than they do money, power, and control.

Just imagine


imagine a world run by psychosThis is exactly what we have. At the top of every human institution are people who are only interested in power, money, and control. The rest of us are a means to an end. Corrupt government is intimately involved with corrupt religion, finance, education, science, and industry. If you’re part of something seemingly benign and are thinking, “yeah, but not us,” YES, YOU TOO. The ones that never get talked about are the worst offenders.