'Bulletproof' (butter) coffee

Bulletproof FixinsBack in the summer I heard Dave Asprey in an interview on Alchemy Radio. I had never heard of the Bulletproof Executive website, biohacking, the Bulletproof diet, or any of the other Bulletproof products on Dave’s website, including coffee. I had started making my own coffee a little over a year ago and have tried to stick to organic brands. Dave explained the importance of using high quality beans and problems that exist in the commercial coffee supply due to molds, fungi and other things infecting batches of beans. I don’t have a bean grinder so I started buying smaller batches of ground organic coffee so that the coffee doesn’t sit for too long after I open a bag.

Picnik is the only coffee shop in Austin that offers the Bulletproof (butter) coffee using the high quality beans sold by Dave’s company. It’s across town from me so I don’t get there much. The drive plus the cost make it more useful for me to make my own before work. I recently calculated the cost, and I am able to make 16oz of coffee for about $1.79. I tend to go through 2 half-pound blocks of butter and two bags of coffee before I run out of MCT oil. I’m still looking for ways to lower my costs without skimping.

My work schedule has me up pretty early and I have a couple of days with very long hours. The hours and lateness combined with being a light sleeper mean that I can be pretty groggy in the mornings when I start my shift. I noticed that the mental fog was gone. I was able to execute tasks much more efficiently. I also noticed that I was in a much better mood. I hadn’t been snapping at or being rude to coworkers but I could see that I felt a lot better.

I’ve tried a few bulk organic varieties from Whole Foods and a couple of other stores around town. For the past couple of months I’ve been using Kicking Horse’s ‘Kick Ass’ and ‘Grizzly Claw.’ I’ll be looking for more brands to try.