A useful modification

InspirationI’ve carried keys on carabiners of one sort or another for several years. Once when I was in a theater the keys worked themselves off the carabiner while I was sitting in the seat. I didn’t notice anything until I got up and heard them hit the floor. I thought there should be a way to keep that from happening. I decided to drill the carabiner. Oddly enough I passed by these in the impulse bin at Home Depot while going to get a 1/64 bit to work on the larger ‘biner. It kinda looked like someone’s piercings. So I grabbed a couple of those and dropped the idea of drilling the carabiner. Then I found out about grimlocs on the EDCForums.com website and ordered a few. When I decided to switch my keyrings to the grimlocs I remembered the experience in the theater and decided to drill holes and pass the ring through. While I may not be the first one to do this with a grimloc I think I’m fairly early in the propagation of the idea. I thought about buying more grimlocs and selling them as keyrings. One reason I haven’t is that the people who use grimlocs are usually pretty handy and can do it themselves if they want.