I’m an introvert and to some extent a highly sensitive person. That means I’m alone a lot. It means that there are places where I’m not comfortable and people I’m not comfortable around. You’re probably thinking, well, that’s everybody, and you’re right. It is. Everyone has their discomforts and I don’t mean to discount anyone’s sensitivities.

So last weekend I went into a fast food restaurant. I was one of maybe four or five customers. In fact there seemed to be more staff than customers at that moment. The workers were in kind of a hurry, there were a couple of orders being held up, and the cashier was pissed off about something. I walked in a little annoyed. This place is notorious for getting orders wrong, and I went inside this time instead of using the drive-through. This same order was something they’d screwed up a couple of weeks before and I wanted to avoid having to come back. So I went in not at my best…with preconceptions as to how my order was going to be prepared.

When I got in there I felt uncomfortable… agitated.  I guess I was blending in quite well with the overall atmosphere of the place. I just wanted to get my food and get out. I used to think that my discomfort was always me, like the way I hate being in really loud, crowded, enclosed spaces. But at that moment I had a thought that maybe the the energy of the place might be contributing to my discomfort. Maybe it’s not just me…not just an introvert/HSP thing.

We’re always somewhere between chaos and calm.

Any high-traffic venue probably going to be kinda frenetic as far as it’s overall atmosphere is concerned. There are several things affecting that. Wherever we are, moment to moment, we leave a little bit of ourselves in any space. Our residual energy and thought-forms perturb others on several levels. As one friend put it, they’re like ripples in water. The people occupying the place are dealing with all sorts of things just by living. Then there’s me. While I’m not the only one I have an effect on I am the only one who can take responsibility for that. What are my mental, emotional, and spiritual states walking into the door? What have I been dealing with all day, the night before, on the way there? Did I sleep well? Did I sleep at all? Have I exercised? Have I meditated? Have I taken a few minutes to sit quietly and alone? Whatever carry in with me is what I’ll be leaving behind for others to deal with. Therefore I need to take a moment…to get my bearings…to breathe. Think of it as a form of spiritual deodorant. Maybe if I’m in a better state my energy will balance some of the chaos instead of making it worse.

This is something I’m just starting to pay attention to.

Today’s card: King of Cups 

Calm, not order, out of chaos.

The king sits on his stone high-back throne atop a stone mount. He’s wearing a blue tunic and a red and yellow cape. He holds a cup in his right hand and a scepter in his left. He sits calmly amid turbulent seas, under a Grey sky. To his left there’s a ship moving away in the distance. To his right there’s a fish that has come up out of the water. (This is probably the same fish that’s in the cup held by the Page of Cups.

The left hand refers to sending out power, energy, and to banishing. The right refers to attraction, taking in energy, abundance.

Unmoved by the chaos around him, he sits calmly.

This is a time of patience, and endurance. Keep your cool. The seas and whatever storms come will right themselves.

Today’s card: VI of Swords


A young man rows a boat across a body of water towards land. It is difficult to tell whether it is an island or mainland coast. Seated are a woman with her head covered and a child. They could be his family or he could be a paid ferryman. Around the woman and child are six swords stuck in the boat. The water to the right is turbulent and to the left the water is calm all the way to land. There is a grey sky.

They are moving on. This is a time of transition. The grey sky communicates that it is not a time of celebration. They don’t appear happy to be making this move. They’re leaving chaos behind them. There is a need to have continued patience and endurance during this time. Life ahead will be better, but take time to heal.

Today’s card: V of Cups


A lone figure stares regretfully at three overturned cups before him, with two behind him still standing. The sky blue, and in the distance a river flows quickly by and there is a bridge across it farther away leading to a castle.

Hindsight is always 20/20, as the saying goes, but it’s easy to get stuck back there. Your better days are always now. You cannot go back to a fervently cherished moment. Nor can you catapult forward to an equally coveted future. The way across the impassable stream will present itself. The blue sky indicates a peaceful journey. The water in the cups will sustain you. It’s time for a walk.