Jailing banksters

I guess some people misunderstand when I talk about stopping or jailing bankers.


They think I am referring to their personal loan officer at the branch downtown or down the street. Well if down the street is Manhattan, maybe, or if your checking account is with an outfit like Deutschebank or Goldman Sachs. I’m talking about people collecting the bailout bonus money while making unconscionable, reprehensible decisions and trades at the corporate and international level…who profit off financial failures and seek favors from the state to protect themselves legally and financially. That person I want to see endure hardship and reversal of fortune the way so many of us have. I want them to go down and not recover their empires. So I’m not talking about your golfing buddy or neighbor most likely.

A toaster by any other name

A credit union I used to do business with had banks like this available to people for opening new accounts. Banks do this to stir up new business…offering the cliche toaster. The problem is it causes current customers to open unnecessary accounts or accounts and open others just to get the thing. This just creates a lot of paperwork and generally doesn’t help the customer. It would have been better to the item to offer current customers for starting or increasing a monthly deposit into their savings. But that wasn’t the deal. So I left my accounts as they were and picked up this guy for $10 at The Container Store. Usually there are better versions of the items the bank is offering in the store. If you need one of whatever it is, you’re better off skipping the off brand gizmo and picking one up at Target. It won’t have the bank’s name imprinted but who cares?

3 second interruption at a bank

I was in the car at the ATM when the power blinked right in the middle of the transaction. I waited for the machine to start rebooting then I went inside to see about a new card. There were probably 30 people in the bank and most of us were wondering what happened and how soon we’d be done and back on our way. Actually my guess is that was what most people were thinking. I was thinking about the fact that I need to get back to having a few days pay in cash on hand. This was one very brief interruption and access was restored pretty quickly but it easily could have gone very badly.