World miserism


How I learned about capitalism

By Word of Mouse, 1954, Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, Warner Bros.

This 1954 cartoon is where I first learned about capitalism as a child. As far as I’m concerned, ANY derivative…Washington, Wall Street, outsourcing, off-shoring, whatever, is laden with corruption, and is at the root of the financial problems that the people are going through.

It’s really this simple. Once you start overtaking the plumbing, for whatever reason, you end up with job losses, recessions, people not able to meet bills, businesses not able to meet bills, etc.

Strategy, not weakness

After 35-ish years in the workforce, I’ve dealt with companies changing hands and headcount reductions. It’s very stressful on many levels, pink slop cube 640and never ends up quite the way those in charge start out telling you. Opportunities that are suggested can disappear off the table the next day. When you’re working in a non-union setting/at-will setting you’re fortunate if you’re given any advance notice or reason why the change is happening.If the owners/upper management folks are decent, they’ll give you time to prepare for the adjustment.

And it will adjust.

During one or two of these business shifts I’ve had to deal with immediate supervisors who weren’t exactly truthful or were just being jerks. I was unable to respond in kind because I needed whatever severance package was being offered, and or to be laid off and not quit or be fired so that I wouldn’t have problems applying for unemployment once it was finally over.

I hated that…the needing.

When a job ends, the goal is always to get to the end with whatever final benefits in hand. So I’ve held my tongue in these situations, and some days it took a good deal more self control than others. The managers in question probably saw me as weak because I wouldn’t pop off and give them an excuse to let me go prematurely. I wasn’t a coward, I was playing my hand.