The future of V and a word on the Alien as Messiah type

I watched the V season finale “Mother’s Day” and I’m not so sure about there being future seasons. It looks, as others have noted, like a series finale. Too much is wrapped up/killed off in this one. They may be back and if so, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I like this show.

This is the type of alien storyline that I classify as Alien as Messiah. Our governments have managed to tenderize the people to the point that space aliens offering health life and prosperity are welcomed across the planet. This leads our self-sheeping nature to damn anyone who questions the new benefactors. This kind of thing is hard to fight because the people around you who’ve gotten their goodie or have been buffaloed into believing in the promise of future goodies will rat out anyone who urges caution. When the thing that’s best for the people is to take a step back and see clearly just who we’re dealing with. You don’t have to have space aliens. This is a problem with charismatic leaders, especially those who are not above demagoguery. How many politicians are able to move the impression of their opponent just fractions of a degree off dead center only to have the opponent lose the election while not appearing confrontational even up to the debates.

Hey they don’t call people who are easily swayed by such tactics sheeple for nothing.

Scenario 1 – Alien as Messiah: The Tenderized Populace

You could say we’re going through this right now. Societies riddled with oppressive regimes, wars of dubious necessity, pandemic diseases, declining standards of living. Everywhere you look there seems to be more law and less freedom. The aliens have been watching. And when they decide the people have been chewed enough they descend with all sorts of gimmicks and gadgets, fancy fertilizers, healings, teachings, etc. They’re everything a public that has been ridden long and hard wants. They promise to make it all go away. And it does. Or it seems to. Trouble is, you’re not buying it. And neither are a lot of people. You go to work and the people who were goofing off on the internet arcade game sites are constantly on the mothership’s website. Eventually your indifference to the new benefactors gets noticed. You get questioned as to why you’re not “down with” new arrivals are doing for the people. The aliens are suddenly at the center of sheep consciousness. So when the talk starts up about registering everyone so they can make sure we all get the help we need or whatever the trumped up excuse is, you’re one of the folks who doesn’t show up at the center.