RIP Bill Paxton


Actor Bill Paxton, who I first saw in the 1985 nuttiness, Weird Science, passed away yesterday from complications due to surgery. He was 61.

On set with Florence Henderson in 1990

Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson arrives at the 2014 amfAR Inspiration Gala at Milk Studios on Wednesday, Oct. 29, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

I moved to LA in June of 1990. Sometime during the summer I went to Universal Studios with my dad. At one spot there was a line to board a bus to go to another studio to be on the live taping of an episode of the Marsha Warfield show. You may remember her as ‘Roz,’ one of the bailiffs on the 80s sitcom Night Court.

We get to the studio and Florence Henderson is there. The topic for that week’s taping was ‘butt cleavage.’ So they bring out this dude in nothing but a Speedo. He turns around and Florence starts pinching and poking him to point out the cleavage on his person. I was like, “Mrs. Brady!” with a dramatic intake of breath.

The thing was over before we got there, it seemed like, so nobody got to line up for autographs or anything. It’s interesting when you see an actor doing something completely different from a long-term role, especially if your only contact with them all that time was when they played that part.

RIP, Florence Henderson, 1934-2016

Crisis actor chick


I think I first started hearing that actors were being used to pose as victims, family of victims, Crisis actor chick 0and bystanders early in 2013, probably after the Boston bombing. There are images of similar-looking people at the sites of several mass shootings, and they make you wonder just what in Hell is going on. The government has tried to pass off bumbling as competence before. Anyone remember Brownie? But something like this, you wouldn’t want the same people showing up every time. We have YouTube and we can hit pause.

In the past few weeks images of this brunette have shown up on Facebook, either posted with some indignant comment by someone who wants us to have faith in the establishment or by someone who is trying to point out the similarities in the images. I won’t say whether the lady being shown is the same person or not. Crisis actor chick 1Nothing that the government does surprises me and I do not believe them when they speak. Could they have a program like this in place? Yes. It would take some sick fucks knowingly to star in something like this. I’m not sure if you’d classify it as psychopathic or sociopathic. Some of my fellow Photoshop geeks have started dropping her in other images.Crisis actor chick 2

Regardless, it doesn’t matter. Every time there is a mass shooting there are measures already planned and waiting for a switch to be thrown or they’re developed quickly after the event. As Mayor Emanuel once said, ‘…You never want a crisis to go to waste.’ He’s not the first one to believe the state should operate as opportunist. So expect more rhetoric about our ‘safety’ following every incident whether it’s a shooting or alleged criminal activity following a weather disaster.

crisis actor chick and Jason