The LAIX B-007-H Tactical Pen – A Review

I got my second tactical pen in the mail the other day, and that led to a few minutes of internet goose-chasing.  On Amazon it is sold by a company called VKTech and lists for $8.49 with free shipping. The package ships directly from China and the actual brand is Laix model B007-H. The branding on Amazon is rather confusing: “Vktech Tactical Pen Self Defense Cooyoo Tool Tungsten Steel Anti-skid Portable (Black).” The pen consists of an aircraft grade aluminum cap and barrel with a tungsten steel glass-breaker tip. It could be used for self-defense but the tungsten tip is rather sharp and might break easily break the skin. From further searches, the term “Cooyoo” is a Chinese trademark of a very similar tactical pen model with a kubotan tip available on

Laix B007-H_1

The pen comes in a dark grey box with the brand Laix in silver print and has a hard foam cutout inside, and it comes with one Parker-style ballpoint refill. It weighs 1.3 ounces, which is a bit lighter than the 1.75 oz. Uzi Defender, and consists of three screw on pieces. Laix B007-H_2The cap unscrews from a two-piece barrel with anti-slip knurling around the pen tip. The rear tip of the barrel is a punch-like point made of tungsten-steel. This is its emergency glass breaker/tactical defense. The cap can be pushed on the bottom of the pen, and holds but is not very secure. It would be nice if there were a threaded portion on the barrel securing the cap.


Laix B007-H_4I chose this one because it has a tactical look, but softer features than its more heavy duty counterparts. It is available on Amazon, and at Aliexpress in 3 colors, black, desert and grey. There are other colors available from the Sector38 eBay store in the UK.

Laix B007-H_3

Laix B007-H_7I have not done extensive testing. I expect anodized coatings to wear over time. My main concern is a pen’s ability to function after being dropped.  I wrapped the pen in a thin paper towel and dropped it from about 7 feet to a ceramic tile floor and the tungsten-steel tip did not loosen. There is no click action or other moving parts to fail.

11-In-1 Credit Card Survival Tool…A Review

11-in-1 Tool_5092

I bought several of these from a couple of deals on It looks like a cool item to have in a pocket survival kit. I paid a buck and, well, you get what you paid for. I decided to do a couple of field tests on the parts of this that I figure would be most needed in a survival situation, namely the knife edge and the saw edge. The bottle and can openers work. I checked those. Then I went to an oak tree and attempted to saw through a half inch diameter dead branch. After some very rigorous motions I managed to cut/carve/rub…mostly rub a 16th-inch notch in the wood. I estimate that it would take me a half hour to cut through the branch. Using the saw blade on my multi-tool I was able to continue the cut through the branch in probably 15 seconds. From looking at saw blades on the internet and showing this tool to a friend I think this is a fine cut combination rip and finishing saw…not the best blade for cutting wood. For a survival situation an aggressive-tooth blade would work better. If you’re trying to cut through small diameter wood to build a fire you probably cannot afford to spend a half hour per cut.

In looking at the blade after just the little bit of cutting I did with it, there is visible wear on the blades on one side. That suggests a very soft steel. The saw blade is about an inch and a quarter. I’d suggest wearing gloves before attempting to use it on anything. It is possible to cord wrap the opposite edge of the tool as a makeshift handle. A handle of wood could be cut and grooved to fit and then wrapped with cordage. But you’d want to create that before you find yourself in a situation where you have to use this tool. It’s a backup tool at best. Something that’s all you have left. If the saw blade fails you can use the knife blade to chip away the branch in much the same way as you’d cut sticks to build a fire with a fixed-blade knife.

11-in-1 Tool_5096

The knife edge is sharp. It could be sharper OTB. Be careful applying pressure to it when holding the tool from that side. I took the same branch and attempted to chip away at it to cut off a piece. The cutting edge seemed to make it farther than the saw blade into the wood but it is also extremely time consuming. Even alternating a combination of the knife and saw edges is slightly faster but still takes a long time compared to cutting tools with proper handles.

As far as the screwdriver goes, I don’t expect to be able to open or tighten many screws with this. If all you have is a flat tip everything looks like a Phillips. You cold use it to pry open paint cans or some other light wedging.

In order of usefulness you can be more or less successful at opening bottles, opening cans, prying lids that aren’t too terribly stuck, measuring an inch or so of something, having a knife edge for a letter opener and maybe grinding a notch into wood. Overall there is not much that will aid you in survival here unless your survival depends totally on opening a beer or a can of something. The tool is a cute idea but needs some major overhauling.

Some suggestions for anyone with the skill at metalworking.

Material – Needs to be stronger…Either a stronger steel or a combination of steel and titanium.
Saw edge – Needs to be a crosscut saw edge. It needs to have the proper kerf to the teeth. It would help if it were tungsten coated.
Knife edge – Needs to be sharper out of the box. It would help if it were cut so it could be sharpened using a proper sharpener.

To make these changes the product is going to have to cost more than a couple of bucks.

Energizer Energi-To-Go Portable Charger – Review

These have been around for a while for specific phone brands since each manufacturer had to have their own special port for their charger. As the phone manufacturers started to standardize around mini and then micro-USB, Energizer seemed slow to catch on to that move and their proprietary-tip portable chargers were all that were available.

You can store the adapter tips inside the charger when you’re not using it which I plan to do since batteries retain their power when kept out of the circuit when not in use. Since my flashlight and camera take the same batteries I plan to use the charger with batteries that are not completely dead but won’t drive the camera anymore. The charger is not made of the sturdiest plastic and probably won’t appreciate too many drops. The connector tabs in the cap certainly won’t withstand much. Treat it like you do your camera and you’ll probably be okay.

I plan to keep one in the car and one in my EDC bag. It won’t be the first thing I reach for to charge something. But it’ll serve as a backup.

I found these on for 2 for $3.99. I’m seeing prices from $9.99 to $25 on Amazon for just one. I got a good deal on them at woot. I don’t know when that will come around again. Basically the charger was free for me since two Energizer lithium AA batteries usually cost about $4. Check woot periodically to see if it comes back around.

Tool Logic Ice Money Clip

I found this on the website a couple of weeks ago for $1.99. I have seen them on eBay for around $12. It’s no longer listed on the site. It holds about 7-8 bills. I did some maintenance on my glasses using the screwdriver. It features a red LED with a momentary switch so I was not able to keep it on while taking the shots. Overall it has its uses.