DIY Kale Chips


If you’ve tried kale chips from the grocery, you’ve noticed two things. They’re pricey and they’re salty. Kale is a pretty bitter green. The salt and nacho cheese or other flavor is there because our overdeveloped modern sweet tooth, which whines loudly when it doesn’t get its way, says it needs to be there. Its there because the companies that make kale chips think they’ll sell better.

Making them at home saves you money, and you control what goes in them. I’m okay with the bitter. So I don’t need them salted. The shredded parmesan adds a little additional flavor and allows you to keep the salt level down.

Here is a recipe at Baked Kale Chips | Award-Winning Paleo Recipes

Dry Roasted Cashews

Seems it’s easy to find dry-roasted peanuts but everything else is cooked in palm or cottonseed or some other oil.


The rest of the nuts should come in a dry-roasted variety as well. It’s better for you. I don’t like the added fat. It’s not necessary. It doesn’t add anything useful to the taste or the nutrition value. Maybe there are dry-roasted nuts at the farmer market. I’ll have to check the ones here in Austin. I’d rather help them out than give more money to the Big Food Trust.

Liver Cleanse

Looks like I’ll be needing to do the 2-week liver cleanse again. I drink fairly regularly but not heavily. My diet and the obesity/diabetes are the main causes. I did this about a year and a half ago and everything has been fine until a couple of weeks ago. There are capsules to take twice daily along with a magnesium-oxygen supplement and of course, water. The idea is to turn the fat-solubile toxins into water-solubile ones so that they can be more easily removed from the body. Then we need to look at not taking in the toxins in the first place but that is a more difficult issue.