That this knowledge shall not perish from the Earth…

That’s why I’m a prepper.

That’s why I’m studying primitive/aboriginal skills.

I’m fairly tech savvy. Computers have been a part of my life since the late 70s. When I was a junior in high school, there was a consumer math course I wanted to take. The counselor tried talking me out of it saying I was “too smart” because I was in 2nd yr algebra. I told her that working those problems won’t help me balance a checkbook or understand a mortgage. When it comes to preparedness and survival, I do not like the thought of encountering some massive devastation and having to rely on “services” because I was on autopilot with everyone else and did nothing to prepare or because I don’t know how to build a fire and all the body of knowledge related to that. A few hundred years ago everyone knew these things. I’ve decided that I need to know them as well… to be capable in both wilderness and city.

Society and its mouthpiece, the media, does us a disservice. When anything becomes overwhelming, we’re encouraged to look outside ourselves. Someone will come. Someone will fix it. Someone will make it better. Someone will make it not so. The price of that help is moving beyond most people’s ability to pay. Then if we are to turn to ourselves, to be self-reliant, it stands to reason must be something to rely on. We can’t rely upon gadgets or knowledge of how to operate them long term in a system-down situation.

That someone has to be me. And for you, that someone has to be you.

If we’re going to look within, there needs to be something there we can rely on. Just like you filled your brain with the technical you need to fill it with the practical. Knowing what to do when a certain error pops up on a computer screen won’t help you when you have to abandon a broken down car and you’re several days away from help. You’re going to need water, shelter, fire and security. How to make water filters, shelters, fire and monitor your area for security doesn’t come automatically. These are skills and thankfully there are people happy to teach them to you.

Granted, eventually people would figure out how to make a fire if given enough time but how much better would it be to already know how? Think about. There are people waiting to learn it from you as you learned it from someone else.