Toxic people you should just get rid of

  1. Those who spread negativity.
  2. Those who critcise you all the time.
  3. Those who waste your time.
  4. Those who are jealous.
  5. Those who play the victim.
  6. Those who don’t care.
  7. Those who are self-centered.
  8. Those who keep disappointing you.

H/T: The Minds Journal

Part 2 of my interview on the MindShift podcast

I continue my talk with Dr. Clint Heacock of the MindShift podcast recently. We discuss biblical inerrancy, its origins and implications in today’s church, as well as a bit of my story. Here is part 2:

On PodBean:
MindShift, 8 Dec. 2017

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MindShift, 8 Dec. 2017