Uncovering the masterpiece


self sculpturing The trouble with this particular type of sculpture is that the human body is not a rock or blob of clay. You progress so far and then hit plateaus where the more you strike the chisel the less material you remove. And it’s not always easy to break out of those situations. This is discouraging.Some people have made progress with “muscle confusion” or routine disruption programs such as P90X.

Whenever I have hit a plateau in weight loss I’ve wished I could maintain the weight but quit exercising for a while so that when I did resume, the weight loss would reengage. It seemed to work, at least in my head, but in practice I have ended up gaining weight because I didn’t come up with a way to manage the process. I think the answer is in reducing the activity while making adjustments to the diet.

I’ll have to work on this.

Must've looked depressed


Security made my day! LOL. I was out at lunch doing my stretching/walking routine on the grass across the parking lot. barefoot in grassI generally do this barefoot unless it’s raining. I was carrying my sandals in one hand and looking down the whole time. I have to pay attention and watch where I am stepping. The security guard rolled up in a golf cart and asked me if I was okay. She thought that I might have been feeling bad or something. I just smiled and said, “Yes, I’m good. Thank you.”

This is my earthing exercise when I am away from home. It includes stretching, and conscious deep breathing. I try to do this every day when I’m working. I’m starting to attract a fanbase as some drivers have started honking at me. I’ll be adding some of what I’m learning in my Tai Chi classes.

I’m one of those free-range adults the media has been trying to warn you about.