Sleep improvement from earthing


Sleep Comparison 053115 and 091115Using the UP24 fitness tracker in sleep mode, I have data from before and after earthing. I slept for nearly five and a half hours without getting up to use the bathroom. That length of time is significant in and of itself because one of the problems with being diabetic is waking up to urinate several times a night. I don’t have blood sugar info for these dates. Blood sugar levels do matter in these cases because high glucose levels cause one to pee more often, even during the day. EMF interference from home wiring is a significant factor. The image on the right simply looks less chaotic.

Looking back, I have had problems sleeping for decades, long before I developed diabetes. With normal blood sugar levels I wasn’t getting up as often, but there were many days when I’d be sleepy during the day, even nodding off at work. Even though the technology existed to fix the problem, I didn’t know what it was. I just thought I wasn’t able to get enough sleep.

For the next “experiment,” I’ll have a “control” night where I don’t use the grounding strap, and a night with it, and I’ll take blood sugar measurements before and after.

Earthing, Part 2

A stream renews itself every ten miles.

–Old Engineering Rule of Thumb

This morning I stood out on my front lawn barefoot for five minutes. That is something that I have not done in a really long time. I’m doing my i-research (watching videos, reading PDFs) on earthing and I’ll be making adjustments to what I am doing to spend more time connected to ground. IMG_20150830_124757 Earthing StrapI cobbled together an earthing strap, which is a grounding strap from an electronics store connected to an extension cord which has the power prongs broken off of it. I’ve been sleeping with this on my arm for the last four nights and I’ve noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep. I’m not getting up as often to use the bathroom, which combined with things like stress, anxiety, caffeine, and bad eating habits has had me living as an insomniac for a really long time.

Most of the videos out there discuss the benefits of earthing. They tend to refer more to either spending time in direct contact with the earth or using some sort of pad or strap that is either connected to the ground port on an outlet or runs outside to a grounding pole. I may set up a direct ground line later on. There is a cable coming from outside that is no longer in use. I may cut it and the line through the wall from my bedroom. But I think I’ll wait until I buy or build a grounding pad.

Among the videos talking up benefits I have found some references to negative effects. It seems that some newer buildings may be connected to something called ‘power company neutral.’ I’ll have to look into that more. I suspect it is some sort of circuitry method that allows the grounding function to occur without actually having the line go to ground. That means that the negative energy coming from the earth isn’t actually reaching you if your pad is connected to it. I also saw a video suggesting that in many cases even the ground is polluted with EMFs from there being so many houses in a particular area.

When I was in college, the professor of the engineering class I took told us that “A stream renews itself every ten miles.” That means that years ago you could dump your waste into the river and since the factories were spread apart sufficiently, there was time for the water to recover. The problem is when we started having pollution occurring more times in that ten mile space. The same would go for electric fields. I don’t know what the square mileage is but if there are more fields in a certain space they don’t allow the field to dissipate.

My house is 30 years old, so I am pretty sure the wiring has genuine ground wires and not this ‘neutral’ set up. I may have an electrician come over and check it for me. I’m going to look for more opportunities to kick off the shoes and socks and walk around on the ground. I also want to do a better job of recording my stats so I can monitor my health improvements.