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A bit more about the blog, social media and myself

I’ve been a bit hesitant to get into other topics on here as this is intended to be a business website. The larger goal is to solicit freelance work by displaying my artwork and contact information. With that understanding, I do realize that visitors will get bored of seeing only technical posts about issues related to graphic design. This is not a political blog nor is it restricted to any one theme. I may talk about politics, the economy and so forth but my intention is to have that kind of commentary be the exception and not the norm. I may also throw in a few bits about the ongoing saga at my company which is going through a massive transformation which will continue beyond the coming layoffs of myself and several coworkers in my department. We are part of that transformation and we’re all dealing with change in our own ways or not.

Hopefully this will be a somewhat informative and somewhat entertaining corkboard on which I’ll be tacking up notes of varying lengths. The next steps in its development will be to hook up other social media accounts and become more active on those websites. I have been hesitant to connect my Facebook account to this website because I am and have been concerned that prospective employers might see something connected with me on FB and decide against hiring me. But as I continue to think about it, I think that is a shitty way of doing business. If you’re a prospective employer and you don’t like what you see among my social media postings and that’s coloring your hiring decisions, I don’t want to work for you.

I’ll try to post something here daily and hopefully related to design. I may include postings about music as I started taking Irish Whistle lessons back in June. I may even throw up a recording or two on here once I get to that point.