I registered this domain a couple of days ago and merged posts from my six blogs here. I will be shutting down those blogs and transferring and parking the domains at my Hover account. I may try to see if I can sell a couple of the domains, as they might have some value.


I have set up a separate email address, Google+, and YouTube channel to accompany the blog.


I’m uploading the first short video to YT right now. I’ll probably copy my content from the Raymond Gilford channel and post to both in the future. Once I get Zoho configured I’ll add a new email but we can use this one for now.

The gameplan

I’m at work being paid as I write this. It’s our last shift as temps on this assignment. It’s the last graveyard shift I hope forever. This past year has been hard, first making adjustments to living at night and sleeping days. Being hired and the extentions of the contract. So now we’ve reached the last day.

There are things I need to focus on now that I have only half-heartedly been handling. I’m laying out some goals for the next year and a half:

  1. Eliminate sugar from my life. This is really important. My overall health, the diabetes, everything depends on this.
  2. Daily workouts
  3. Decluttering the house.
  4. Find a second job and/or a better-paying F/T one.
  5. Get more rest

I’ll be focusing here on 1 and 2 mostly. 3 is covered in the blog at They’re integrated goals since stress drives a large share of my bad eating habits.