On vision

Written by a friend. “We poor myopic humans, with neither the raptor’s gift of long-distance acuity, nor the talents of a housefly for panoramic vision. However, with our big brains, we are at least aware of the limits of our vision. With a degree of humility rare in our species, we acknowledge there is much […]

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Pray? Me? Pass.

I never got in a regular habit of praying as a believer and here’s why. I’m an introvert. We hate small-talk…with anyone…including ‘God,’ whomever that is. I don’t like talking when I really have nothing to say and unlike many people I crave silence when there’s not an active conversation going on with another person. […]

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Deep Purple and stuff

It’s not a completely white room, but when I look at my new black curtains, that song pops into my head sometimes. I bought black curtain panels for the MBR and blackout liner panels. It has been an interesting project. I have never had to buy curtains before. When I’ve lived in apartments they’ve always […]

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