On vision

Written by a friend:

“We poor myopic humans, with neither the raptor’s gift of long-distance acuity, nor the talents of a housefly for panoramic vision. However, with our big brains, we are at least aware of the limits of our vision. With a degree of humility rare in our species, we acknowledge there is much we can’t see, and so contrive remarkable ways to observe the world. Infrared satellite imagery, optical telescopes, and the Hubble space telescope bring vastness within our visual sphere. Electron microscopes let us wander the remote universe of our own cells. But at the middle scale, that of the unaided eye, our senses seem to be strangely dulled. With sophisticated technology, we strive to see what is beyond us, but are often blind to the myriad sparkling facets that lie so close at hand. We think we’re seeing when we’ve only scratched the surface. Our acuity at this middle scale seems diminished, not by any failing of the eyes, but by the willingness of the mind. Has the power of our devices led us to distrust our unaided eyes? Or have we become dismissive of what takes no technology but only time and patience to perceive? Attentiveness alone can rival the most powerful magnifying lens.”

Pray? Me? Pass.


I never got in a regular habit of praying as a believer and here’s why.

I’m an introvert. We hate small-talk…with anyone…including ‘God,’ whomever that is. I don’t like talking when I really have nothing to say and unlike many people I crave silence when there’s not an active conversation going on with another person. I have only heard of one person who said they heard the ‘audible voice of God,’ and I wasn’t told that by the person. That was in my Foursquare days when there were demons under every placemat. When I was there I was encouraged to not meditate as I had practiced it in my ‘former’ life as that was leaving doors open to ‘demons.’

I talked to ‘God’ because I was told by some that I needed to. I was told by others that I had to. In fact one pastor said I’d lose my ‘salvation’ if I didn’t pray. I guess we’ll overlook Romans 11:29 while we’re trying to scare a group of newbies into conforming and so they’ll keep coming back.

Talking gets to be exhausting. I just never liked being the only thing speaking in an empty room and that was what praying to ‘God’ felt like EVERY TIME. I did some of it but ‘I never prayed without ceasing.’ I suspect it was part of what led to my eventual exit from the faith. Today when I meditate I may state an intention or chant a bit but it’s very limited and not consistent. I ‘pray’ a little but I am no longer sure who I’m praying to anymore or if there is anyone to pray to. I may return to it as part of my spiritual practice, but I doubt it’ll be at the core. It will be my decision and not at anyone’s behest.

Deep Purple and stuff


It’s not a completely white room, but
when I look at my new black curtains,
that song pops into my head sometimes.

I bought black curtain panels for the MBR and blackout liner panels. It has been an interesting project. I have never had to buy curtains before. When I’ve lived in apartments they’ve always already had them and I didn’t try to change them out. This window is 8′ wide. I’m using the existing main curtain rod which runs the full width of the window. The curtain rods in the store only extend out to 7′, so you have to be a bit creative to handle a window this wide. The liner panels come with a pack of pin-hooks for you to hang them on the backside of the curtain. The liners are heavier than the curtains, so I didn’t want the pins ripping through the fabric over time.

I bought two rods, and used the two outer tubes and one inner tube which provided a 10-11′ extension. Then I placed a support bracket every two feet along the wall to hold it up. This window uses 3 black curtain panels and three blackout liner panels. The liners hang from the rod using clip rings, which I bought separately. I ended up making several trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond as I continued to figure out what was needed and spent close to $180.

If I were to do this over I’d first measure the window and decide what length of curtain I wanted, and how many panels to buy. These are 63″. I don’t much care for curtains that extend to the floor hanging in front of a shallow window. You can find curtain panels up to 7′ long, which is good for tall windows in a house.

I like how it’s turned out. I’ve been buying black furniture pieces, so they fit the decor I’m looking for.