I believe it was George Eliot 

who said “Blessed is the man who having nothing to say abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.”

A cat in a congregation of dogs


That was me. The whole time I was a Christian. I believed, but I’ve never been much of a people person. I fit in when and where I fit in, and I was not there more than I was there. My attendance was never a consistent thing.

I was a solitary believer. And at this point you could say I’m more or less a Jesus-leaning deist with all sorts of Buddhist and Gnostic flavors and notes. Spiritually, I’m kinda like wine.

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Working out, AKA ‘Taming the lawn’


A couple of weeks ago I bought this manual reel mower. I knew that the backyard was going to be a challenge when I got it. The grass in the front was pretty easy, and I can mow that in about the same amount of time it took with the gasoline mower. ‘Yay human power! LOL!’ I didn’t immediately start on the back at the same time, and it has rained a bit since it was last cut. Because you have to go over a spot a few times before moving on to the next patch of grass I’m getting quite the upper body workout now. Right now, and until probably the 2nd week of June we’ll be in the rainy season here in Austin. That means I’ll have to spend some time chipping away at the lawn in the back until I’m able to go over it at the pace that I cut the front.



As a kid I remember sewing machines running several days a week. We lived in my grandparents’ house until I turned six. Both my mother and grandmother had machines and one or both of them were doing something on them every day or so. They made quite a few of their own clothes, and everything I know about using a needle and thread, and general garment construction comes from observing them over the years.

My sewing ‘skills’ include replacing buttons, repairing hems, sewing on embroidered patches, and restitching pieces that have come apart. One of my hobbies is doing some modifications to bags and backpacks. I’ve also created a couple of pouches from patterns, and will probably do some of that in the future.