Spare the time out…


You have a couple with 1 child. The grandmother comes into town to visit every 3 months. So one visit the parents take a 3-day vacay and leave the kid with mom/-inlaw.

Grandmother: “Why don’t you work on some of your homework?”

Kid: “You don’t know anything about me. I think you should leave me alone.”

So the grandmother is hurt by this understandably. She tells her daughter who pipes up with “It’s a kid thing.”

I was raised by a different generation…one of the ‘spare the rod’ generations, so I really can’t relate to this kind of disrespect and seeing it handled in such a mealy-mouthed, time-out-ish manner. After I started watching Dr. Who I started saying that my grandma was a time lord, because she’d say things like, “…I’ll jerk you into next week!” But regardless, I learned early on where my verbal boundaries were with the adults. I did try to test those from time to time but my folks didn’t put up with it.

Personally I think this is a case of a failed discipline model. Time out is useful in a lot of cases but there are times when that stuff doesn’t work. I think they need to take away the kid’s X-Box or PS12 (I know it’s not that high yet) or whatever gaming console crap they have given his disrespectful, entitled little ass, for the foreseeable future.