Time travel

The music notes spiral in this image was designed by Freepik.

My music tastes truly know no bounds. I am a multi-genre listener and I always have been. I listen to new musicians all the time, and I have some interaction with them on Twitter and Facebook I know some of them personally. I have to admit, though, I listen to many tracks from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I don’t always notice that something I’m playing is 40 or 50 years old. My Starred playlist on Spotify includes stuff by Diana Ross, Anne Murray, Three Dog Night, Gino Vannelli, Loreena McKennitt, James Ingram, Karen Chisholm, Strega Bianca, Hellena, Paris, Lana Del Rey, Bastille, Bat for Lashes, and Zola Jesus.

As life continues and time moves on I find myself feeling nostalgic, for several reasons, for the past. I was younger. I was in better health. The world didn’t seem quite as jacked up. I revisit old memories all the time, and not always when I’m having a ‘moment.’ The other way I go back to days of less hustle and bustle is music. So I’ll play some Diana with a Led Zeppelin chaser followed by Karen Chisholm and Strega Bianca, then I’ll jump backwards to some Elvis and follow that up with Crystal Casey, Enigma, Jules, Arlo Guthrie, Louise Marshall, Transistor Generation, Gerry Rafferty, Hellena and Bastille.

The old songs remind me that there was good back then.

The new songs remind me that there is still good now.

As one friend put it, “Music is my sanity.”