But it still hurt… 

wp-1488326622074.jpgSo I decided to get back involved in one of the two things that I refer to as ‘meat grinders,’ namely the dating world. The other meat grinder for me is job hunting, but that is another conversation. I generally prefer to not be in the meat grinder. So when I have a relationship I try to hang onto it, sometimes beyond the point where it ceases to be healthy to do so.

A few weeks ago a friend recommended a dating app. I logged in and set up a profile and sent out a few likes. I met a woman from one of the ‘connections.’ We talked for about an hour and at the end she told me something I’m used to hearing but which, I have to admit, always is hard to hear. She said I seemed like a nice guy but that she didn’t think it’d work out, and that we’d probably work better as friends. So I said then we should try at being friends. She said, “okay,” and left. I doubt we’ll see each other again. The ‘friends’ part of the discussion was mostly a formality.The ‘rejection’ such as it was, still hurt. It was just a first meeting. It’s a small pain, but it’s there and instead of trying to ignore it in various ways, I’m acknowledging it. So I’ll keep looking to meet new women.

3 thoughts on “But it still hurt… 

  1. I feel for you. I can’t imagine trying to gauge potential chemistry without having actually met. Or crossing someone off the list without gauging chemistry.

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