Partied out

Germany Christmas Geese

I’m a highly sensitive person. I’m still learning what all that means. One of the things that is hard to deal with is enclosed spaces with people.

I was at a birthday party last night at a sports bar. I go to this place every month or so for a get together with friends. This was one of the rare times when I was there at night with a large group in the dining hall, which is about 25×15′ with wood paneled walls and large windows. There were about 30 people in there.

This is a 30 second clip of the sound that I recorded. I’m using the image of the geese because they make a similar sound if you strip away everything else that’s going on in the scene.

Imagine an hour or two of that when you feel stuck there and it’s slowly It’s really difficult to get across to people who are not affected by this how irritating it is to be stuck in an enclosed space with more than three or four people for more than five or ten minutes without taking several breaks. It’s like walking around with a shoulder-width metal box on your head with random strangers hitting it repeatedly with objects of different sizes. Yes. I could go outside but if I do that I’ll dread coming back in. This same group outside wouldn’t have been a problem.

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