The voodoo maths of 144,000

scary_mathsI’ve always found the 144,000 that the Jehovah’s Witness crowd talks about to be curious. My answer is, I’d really rather not. But consider the math of sifting 144,000 out of say 107 Billion people who have lived here, according to the BBC

If you take the 144,000 chosen few and divide by the 107,000,000,000 who have lived on earth, it gives you 0.00000134579 or 0.000134579% probability of living with God along with whomever these people are, curated by the creator, over the millennia.

I don’t know if the J.W. doctrine comes from Calvinism. I’ve never studied it. My eyes are set for Auto-Glaze when certain subjects come up, like ‘Predestination.’

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