On set with Florence Henderson in 1990

Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson arrives at the 2014 amfAR Inspiration Gala at Milk Studios on Wednesday, Oct. 29, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

I moved to LA in June of 1990. Sometime during the summer I went to Universal Studios with my dad. At one spot there was a line to board a bus to go to another studio to be on the live taping of an episode of the Marsha Warfield show. You may remember her as ‘Roz,’ one of the bailiffs on the 80s sitcom Night Court.

We get to the studio and Florence Henderson is there. The topic for that week’s taping was ‘butt cleavage.’ So they bring out this dude in nothing but a Speedo. He turns around and Florence starts pinching and poking him to point out the cleavage on his person. I was like, “Mrs. Brady!” with a dramatic intake of breath.

The thing was over before we got there, it seemed like, so nobody got to line up for autographs or anything. It’s interesting when you see an actor doing something completely different from a long-term role, especially if your only contact with them all that time was when they played that part.

RIP, Florence Henderson, 1934-2016

The voodoo maths of 144,000

scary_mathsI’ve always found the 144,000 that the Jehovah’s Witness crowd talks about to be curious. My answer is, I’d really rather not. But consider the math of sifting 144,000 out of say 107 Billion people who have lived here, according to the BBC

If you take the 144,000 chosen few and divide by the 107,000,000,000 who have lived on earth, it gives you 0.00000134579 or 0.000134579% probability of living with God along with whomever these people are, curated by the creator, over the millennia.

I don’t know if the J.W. doctrine comes from Calvinism. I’ve never studied it. My eyes are set for Auto-Glaze when certain subjects come up, like ‘Predestination.’

The election 

Well as anyone who knows me has probably been able to tell, I have not supported and do not support the president-elect. Therefore my expectations aren’t very high for our culture during the next four to eight years. We will probably be in another ‘intervention’ sometime in the next two years. The folks on the right are going to continue to fight against marriage equality and the Affordable Care Act. They’ll continue to staunchly support closed borders and the exclusion of certain groups. They’ll be cheering on as we send our young men and women to kill other young men and women in other countries. This is not anything new. And it predates the president-elect’s time in politics. So we’ll have to see after January 20th what parts of the president-elect’s campaign speeches he is actually able to implement and what things can be restrained.

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to keep working and looking after my parents and living my life. I’m going to keep following my path. If anyone has a problem with that, well we’ve seen from the president-elect’s rallies that they are certainly not shy about showing it. And if any of that somehow becomes illegal, I’ll deal with that at that time.