Unstifling why

What differentiates us from the animal kingdom is our ability to ask ‘Why?’

I read that somewhere, or heard it in a podcast or video. I’ll try to track down the source.

That’s it.


That and it’s companions Who? What? When? Where?, and How? are what drive all the good that we’ve manifested in the world. All of our inventions…the instruments we point both outwardly and inwardly on the universe…all of it comes from our ability to question. They’re the stuff of ideas. And ideas are everything.

There are those who try to tell us to stop questioning…to limit or keep our questioning confined to certain bounds that, of course, they set…they want our conformity…our belief. It’s that kind of control, that kind of stifling, that’s the source of all that’s wrong in the world. And it’s that sort of hobbling of spirit that is to be resisted at all costs.


Never lose your sense of wonder. Don’t abandon it or give it up for anyone or any thing. It’s never worth it. Once that’s gone, you truly are old.

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