Don’t hold your breath waiting for divine intervention

In thinking a911planebout some of the stupid stuff people say under the banner of religion…sometime during 2012 a guy on Twitter said that he hoped God would intervene. He’s a red stater Christian, and had Psalm 109:8, that says “…his office let another take” in his profile for a while. Now I don’t know what form he wanted the intervention to take. It could have been anything from turning certain key blue states red to tip the 2012 election squarely in the hands of the GOP, to exposing some scandal at the executive level, to the Rapture. Here’s the thing. God didn’t stop those towers from coming down. So why should we expect him to interfere in elections, or other affairs of state?

‘Socialism’ for real

shutterstock_66506893As the presidential election day approached in 2008 people were moaning about the evils of socialism, and that a vote for then Democratic candidate Barack Obama was selling out the country to socialists. There were many other things said back then, but I just want to hold the discussion to this word, because people’s biases are blinding them to their own socialist attitudes.

So eight years later Bernie Sanders, who over the years doesn’t seem to have changed his positions on how he feels the tax dollar should be spent, is yet another in a long line of “antichrists” leading the country into “socialism.” The thing is, we’re already there, and we have been for over a century.

People on the “Red Right” are just as socialist as the folks they’re busy demonizing, hissing at, and crossing themselves over. Those who identify as right wing, red state, conservative, Republican, or whatever other label you want to use also want to redistribute wealth, just not in the same way as someone like Sanders. They don’t mind a $1,000,000,000,000 in taxes here or there as long as it’s going to bomb countries they think are the baddies.

It’s one dollar. It can feed someone, fix something, or kill someone. The choice is in how it’s used, and it only stretches so far. If you want to see people fed, clothed, taught, roads and bridges built and repaired, vote that way. If you want to trample on the sovereignty of other nations, march more young people past roadside bombs that wouldn’t be there if we hadn’t been on an interventionist crusade, vote that way. Just know that it’s socialism, regardless of whether the taxes go to promote life or death.