Racism everywhere?


I don’t use the term “racism” anymore. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. But like “terrorist,” Exclamation-Markst has lost its meaning through endless hypnotic repetition across all forms of media. And I think that’s intentional. It’s one among a trillion shiny objects tossed into our field of view to distract us. While we’re busy being offended, the debt we’ll be paying for generations grew some more.

It’s manipulation. It’s misdirection. Instead of hopping to the beat of the latest outrage, let’s learn to say, “Okay, but what’s Congress up to?” or “Right, but what bills are on the President’s desk right now?” or “Yeah, I know. What’s happening on Wall Street?” We’ll always have bigots, prejudiced people, and asshats, and there will always be overlap among those three. I am by no means immune to this. There are many times I fail to check myself.