Well, Grandma, it finally happened

When I was four or five my grandmother told me about how she had warned my uncle several times to not throw rocks at a wasp nest somewhere around their house. He didn’t listen, and eventually he got stung.

I did listen. I’ve had to attack wasp nests around my house on a few occasions but I’ve been very careful to avoid the insects. The same goes, or went for bees. Yesterday morning I experienced my first bee-sting. I went outside in PJs to load the beecar before going to work and one got under my t-shirt and BAM! I ran into the house and started getting undressed to check the sting area and heard a loud buzzing sound for about a second. Not sure where the bee took its last flight to, but it’s somewhere in my room apparently.

After hearing horror stories about bee stings, and Africanized killer bees, I was scared. I’m not allergic, at least not to that one. It left a small red spot about 1/8″ around the stinger. I used some Curad Silver antimicrobial solution on the area.

Fifty-two years is a pretty good record, I guess.