Identifying the problem

7 years ago I was at a friend’s house for their son’s HS graduation party. The group consisted of my friends, their families, and some of their neighbors and other friends. I’ve had a sort of rolling dislike of some of their neighbors and the way they seem to give them a revolving door invite to their house. Regardless, not my house, not my rules. It’s just something I have to put up with when I visit them.

So one of the neighbors from a few houses down is a loudmouthed non-stop talker. I didn’t identify this as extroversion or as anything more than annoying, loudmouthed non-stop talker. I couldn’t sit down and just drink a beer without him in high-speed verbal broadcast for probably an hour. Finally the guests were mostly either inside or out talking on the front lawn and I went in the garage and sat down with my beer.

Then the mom, who assumes that if you’re alone at a party you’re not having fun, (Introvert Pet Peeve #712) asks me if i’m “all right.” At the time I did not understand anything about being introvert other than the fact that I am one. So I didn’t understand that my being tired was somewhat due to being around too many people without a break, plus the motormouth idiot. So I blamed the beer. It was not my brand or the type I usually order.

If I had a chance to do that event over, I’d have told her, “yeah, I’m fine, I just need a few minutes.”