Well that got my attention

chest-painMade my second trip to ER Sunday at 04:30 with chest pains only to find that it was something other than my heart. My heart had been racing and I was in recurring pain all night Saturday. The first time I went to ER for something like this was five years ago and ended up being gas. I’m glad it wasn’t my heart but now I have to seek out the proverbial “ounce of prevention.” You can do some cosmetic maintenance to a building but if the problem is a shifting foundation, that sheet rock you just nailed up is going to crack, and soon. With the exception of colds, all of my health problems are direct and indirect results of my weight. There is no getting away from that. I could go have several thousand more dollars in tests run, my gall bladder removed, a hiatal (assuming I have this) hernia repaired yadda yadda. If I don’t get rid of the weight, I’ll just be back with something simulating a heart attack or an actual attack sometime in the next few years. Maybe sooner.

Rushing to specialists, testing, and prescriptions is not the way to go with this. Instead I am focusing on the food, the exercise, and rest.


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