Cliffhanger/Serial starting

When I started this blog a couple of years ago I thought about doing a serial or cliffhanger style set of stories about an alien who crash lands here and tries to survive. This will be a being with no fancy abilities like being able to render himself invisible or projecting illusions to throw off pursuers. Maybe we’ll do a little of that. To start, this will be a behind enemy lines scenario. He’ll have to learn to adapt to the new environment. Threats will come from that environment in the form of predators, allergens, and humans, among other things.

This story will exist as weekly posts. When I am not writing the posts I’ll be doing some research into wilderness survival and ways to keep the character alive until help arrives. I’m going to stage everything in central Texas because I live here and it will be easier to visit places to describe them for the story.

Thanks in advance for reading.