DIY Grid Organizer


I’ve seen these organizers both online and in The Container Store. I was intrigued by the design, and it looked useful. I never bought one. A few weeks ago I saw a video on YouTube where a guy made one the size of a letter-size page using a clipboard. I didn’t want anything that large, though. I picked up a small clipboard (6×9″) at Walmart and some elastic but it was still larger than I wanted. Yesterday I saw a video by ModAtHome on youtube where he makes one much smaller using an old hard back book cover.


Since I didn’t have any old books I wanted to “repurpose,” I bought a couple of 5″x7″ canvas boards from Hobby Lobby and about 5′ of elastic. I used black gaffer’s tape to cover the board and sewed seven 10″, and five 14″ strips together making 12 bands, which I fit over the board and wove together. The orange is some 325″ cord I put in as an accent color since I am using this with my MobileEdge bag which is black with orange accents.


What I like about this project is that I can make two of these for about $10, and since the bands are separate, I can switch around the configuration to some extent, if I choose.